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Buy bonus in casino games

What if you had a chance to play a bonus feature right away?

From now on, there’s no need to wait around for the spin to give you a bonus feature. Now, only in one step, you’re able to instantly bypass to the bonus game full of winnings.

What is a bonus buy?

It is a unique function that allows you to jump straight to the relevant feature (possible features can be bonus, free spins and etc.). All you have to do is to pay an appropriate amount for the function (game multiplier x stake) and play! With the help of a bonus buy feature you can stay away from the unlucky spins and move to win driven spins.

By choosing this function, you have to pay more than the regular spin, which quite frankly doesn’t even guarantee a win, however it’s worth the risk as you get higher winnings. Choose from a wide range of games at TOPsport and immediately catch breath taking wins!

TOP Bonus Buy Games