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Quickspin achievements works in all games with Quickspin token symbol

You can earn Quickspin tokens by playing Quickspin games and accomplishing achievements. Tokens are collected collectively through Quickspin games, you can earn in one game and spend in another.

Quickspin monster

Tokens are awarded for accomplishing achievements

Games have 6 achievements, each achievement are related to a specific game event. To accomplish achievement, game event must happen once or several times. Each achievement has four levels: bronze, silver, gold and diamond. For each accomplished level an appropriate award is given: 2, 5, 15 and 30 tokens.


Higher bet - faster achievement accomplishment

In achievements page you can find: achievement name, individual progress, award for specific achievement. If the bets are higher, the achievements are recorded faster than betting smaller amounts.


Free spin bonus game

After each achievement fulfillment you are awarded with Quickspin tokens, 1 token value is 1 EUR. You can activate the bonus game by spending tokens, it's possible to choose a desired token spending amount, the more tokens you use the higher value bonus game you can activate. After the bonus activation game will instantly start the free spin bonus game.