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Wazdan volatility levels

Volatility Levels

Wazdan unique and trademarked feature – Volatility Levels™ – allows players to modify their win size and frequency on the fly! High volatility brings more big wins, but they will happen less often. On the other hand, with low volatility, wins appear more frequently, but their value is usually lower. Players looking for a more balanced experience can select the Standard mode, where both win size and frequency are more leveled. In any case, with Wazdan Volatility Levels™ feature – players are in complete control!

High volatility: In this mode you can hit BIG WINs but they are not as frequent as winning in Low mode. High is an excellent mode for players who are not afraid of taking a risk to win big.

Standard volatility: This mode is a mixture between Low and High and is dedicated to players who are looking to feel the thrill of big wins in a fair frequency.

Low volatility: the payouts you receive in this mode are more frequent but in most cases smaller. This level is perfect for players who prefer shorter game sessions.

Volatility levels work in almost all WAZDAN casino games. Click on the Pepper icon or Volatility Levels tab in the lower control box.

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