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Turn on Moonlight Fortune casino game, enjoy Free Spins, Wilds and juicy winnings

The nocturnal animalls will leade you to the greatest treasure. That is nature's blessing in form of stacked Wilds and plenty of Free Spins. Moonlight Fortune is 5x4 casino slot game with 40 different paylines that have Scatter symbols. Scatter symbols triggers the Free Spins feature. And during free spins, stacked wilds come even in larger strips.

Moonlight Fortune will not only bring you juicy winnings but also will bring out the inner child in everyone. Moonlight Fortune puts everybody in the middle of a fairytale land full of supernatural animals such as unicors, werewolfs or all-knowing owl. Moonlight Fortune land is ruled by the beautiful elf warrior princess. Will she be generous for you with Free Spins and Wilds?

Themes: Magic

Winners live